United Laundry is the leading Towel Service provider for many of NY and NJ's most prestigious and demanding fitness clubs. Our laundry service options and deep understanding of fitness club operations allow us to design laundry services that are effective in both costs and finished product.

Have multiple locations? We have the infrastructure and capability to service multiple locations daily.

You offer your members towels as part of your commitment to service. We'll make sure you have fresh and clean towels ready for their use.

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Towel Rental: We supply you with towels and launder them for you, all for a low cost-effective rate!

Member Locker Service: Do you offer locker services? or Want to?We can set up and launder all your member workout clothes. A truly high end service!

here are a few services we provide for fitness clubs:

Towel Services: We launder your towels and return them neatly folded, clean, crisp and fresh, ready to be used.

‚ÄčOur laundry services are ideal to launder your members' gis and workout towels.

Gis - we have perfected the delicate laundry process of cleaning Gis.

Our process removes bacteria, odor and most stains. We can set up a 

convenient service program that will allow your members to come to your

classes and have a clean Gi ready for use. Contact us for more info!

We offer Towels Services that are designed for your corporate gym! We understand your needs are a little different than those of retail style fitness clubs. We service many corporate gyms in the area and there's a reason we have a 100% retention rate! Call us or email us today to find out more.

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