​Our team is dedicated to establish efficient communication with you in order to provide a very personal service for your establishment. We constantly strive to be proactive in our approach to service. 

We do not use any account/sales reps or phone operators to handle your account. Instead, your account is directly managed and controlled by one of our upper management members, who will handle the day to day operation of your account. This arrangement results in having someone who will have the knowledge to respond right away to any of your concerns, from processing to delivery and even billing. You can reach your account manager 24 Hours, 7 Days. 

service features:

hospitality laundry & linen services

United Laundry's Hotel Laundry Division is unmatched in the quality of services we provide. Hospitality laundry is carefully processed to ensure clean, bright and fresh linen. While our advanced equipment handles laundry processing, we are firm believers that automation does not always produce the best finished product. As a result, our hotel laundry is always closely inspected and handled by our processing team at every stage to ensure linen is washed properly, dried at the correct temperatures, ironed to hotel standards and finally many items are manually folded to ensure an unsurpassed attention to detail. 


customer care - simply unrivaled

  • On-time Pick Up and Deliveries
  • Quick turn around time
  • Valet Services
  • ​Excellent finished product
  • Linen management
  • F&B laundry processed
  • 7 Days / 365 Days